Mariah Carey in hospital

Mariah Carey in hospital

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Story by abigail

Mariah Carey was rushed to hospital after dislocating her shoulder.

The 43-year-old singer was on the set of the music video for her ‘#Beautiful’ remix with Jeezy – which is being directed by her husband Nick Cannon – when she took a tumble which caused the injury on Sunday (07.07.13) but her representative insists Mariah is fine.
It is believed she may have fallen due to the high heels she was wearing for the video shoot.

Well, duh.

Is this a sign that the remix should not be done? Maybe the gods are telling her so…I mean, let’s be honest. It’s pretty believable that Mariah fell because of ridiculous high heels, and ungodly moves that people half her age should be doing. Throw away the 7-inch stilettos, Mariah. You’re, like, 40.