Last Year’s Tragedy Releases Generation Light Video

Last Year’s Tragedy Releases Generation Light Video

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Story by dooko

Kenya’s most prolific metal band, Last Year’s Tragedy, have at long last released the official video of their track, Generation Light. There is no question about the quality of their music. Why they are not headlining shows from here to India is a mystery.

They sound as good as Linkin’ Park, whose book they have no doubt borrowed a leaf from.

David’s intermittent screaming and soft, almost girl-like singing is similar to Chester’s. That, the kinky-spiky hair, and the tobacco-stained lips pretty much make the dark-skinned version of the Linkin Park frontman. Is that a bad thing?

Goodness no! If anything, you can bet that if both bands were shoved on stage and told to sing each other’s songs, they would both feel at home.

What is good is that none of them seems to care what they wear. Skill comes first. Except for one of the guitarists, Jose, whose shirt with the Kenyan shield might have been his way of letting outsiders know that this here awesomeness is from Kenya.

The lyrics almost read like a gospel song. They talk about being created, being saved, and creating a new path, mending your soul… Revelations anyone?

While we cannot claim to understand the message at this point, we understand the need, the inherent ability of heavy metal bands to be simple, yet cryptic in all their songs. It is music, it is love, it is fear, it is art, and it is amazing; Generation Light.

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